ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 029: How to make optimum use of your newsletter recipients' addresses


A few days ago I was invited to a medium-sized B2B company. While checking the website, we realised that there is a newsletter section that has been set up. But the addresses available there are not being used optimally. Most of the time, the B2B area contains the usual fields for subscribing to the newsletter: title, surname, first name, e-mail and then the registration process is triggered. Although the database is filled with this information, it is not sufficient for marketing purposes.

How to activate "dead" addresses

If you already have a newsletter with subscribers, then it's time to dig out this database as a treasure and use it for marketing. Develop a form in which the following fields can be entered: Position and area of interest. Ask all subscribers to fill in this form so that you can classify the addresses better. In addition, write in the area of interest: Which topics are you interested in, which topics should we report on in our newsletter? The more you learn about your subscriber's interests, the more valuable your newsletter will be.

If you are planning an event with managing directors, for example, you already have all the managing directors in your database and can write to them. If you are organising a trade fair presentation, you can invite all buyers to your stand, for example. In the course of this activation, your address database will also be updated, as people change jobs etc. and change their e-mail addresses in the process.

The ideal approach to address creation

In future, proceed as follows: After the usual registration (title, surname, first name, e-mail), the applicant will receive an e-mail asking them to state their area of interest (see above) and then also their position in the company. This way you minimise the entry hurdle and still receive your information afterwards.

Ideally, you should not only send a newsletter, but also - depending on the area of interest - refer to special articles in the press, e.g. to published white papers or interesting technical articles (e.g. in ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS). You send this information outside of the newsletter, as this is the bonus that the recipient receives.

By measuring click rates in your newsletter and using intelligent controlling, you can gradually develop a feel for your prospective customers and even adapt the content on your website to their needs. It couldn't be easier to develop your own content in line with your target group. Incorporate this idea into every newsletter! At the end, the reader can say what information they would like to read in the next newsletter. This gives you a pool of many topics that have been suggested by your target group!

Automate e-mail marketing through IT

A very important part of success in B2B email marketing is using the right software. This should take all the individual steps off your hands and automate as much as possible. From my 15 years of experience, I know that many companies do it very carefully at the beginning and then let up over time if the process is not automated by software.

When choosing the right software, it's not just the facts that matter, but the intelligence behind it. An inexpensive solution that offers all the necessary functions is often sufficient. This solution can be smarter than investing in huge software that can do everything but takes a long time to use.

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