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Welcome to our Online AI Excellence Circle
Artificial intelligence continues to develop and you should always be up to date so that you can keep up with the latest developments!

We invite you to an exchange with Sanjay Sauldie

Simply watch less boring streaming programmes on TV each month that take up your valuable time and invest this time instead in a valuable knowledge circle around AI to really drive your business forward!

Our economy & our society are in a state of flux Turning point Germany's Chancellor Scholz has called it. In our AI Excellence Circle, we discuss the effects of this change.

But what exactly is behind these changes? How can decision-makers and managers benefit from them? How can employees prepare for the future so as not to lose their jobs? What knowledge is needed to better understand this new world?

"Nobody explains these changes according to the AIROI strategy as well as Sanjay Sauldie, so that we can learn from them for our private lives and our careers!" Quote from a customer

We offer you a genuine, unique alternative to everything you find on the net, because we are guaranteed:

100 % ideology-free - 100 % ad-free
100 % non-partisan - 100 % lobbyist-free
100 % interference-free - 100 % plain text
100 % independent & reputable - 100 % for YOU!

We are all facing decisions that will have a huge impact on our private and working lives. How can you organise your future better? We are happy to give you valuable input! Welcome to KI EXCELLENCE Circle!

The pace of change is rapid - it's easy to lose sight of the big picture! To help you keep an overview, we have AI-EXCELLENCE Circle founded - so that you have a reliable source that is not beholden to any corporation, that does not want to sell you anything, that does not annoy you with advertising - but rather all knowledgesvalues in an understandable and clear way:

What you get: Every month you will receive all the latest news from the world of artificial intelligence and digitalisation! Every week there is a new video (approx. 15-30 minutes long) in which the most important innovations and developments in AI are presented. Sanjay Sauldie also explains their benefits, applications and impact on companies and society. You can also ask questions and Sanjay Sauldie will answer them personally. You are also welcome to suggest video topics, which will then be discussed in one of the following videos. The great thing is that you don't need to pre-book any dates, but can log in at any time and watch all the videos - and you will be informed as soon as a new video has been uploaded. You won't find it cheaper or more professional anywhere else!

BONUS: In addition to the current videos, Sanjay Sauldie will also be giving training videos on specialised AI topics that are already included for you!

The AI Excellence Circle is a network that enables you to expand your knowledge, express your opinion on important topics and gain inspiration from others.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Topicality and relevanceSanjay Sauldie's weekly AI update keeps subscribers up to date with the latest developments and trends in the AI industry. This is especially important in a field as fast-moving and constantly evolving as artificial intelligence.
  • Visual and auditory learning methodsVideos combine visual and auditory elements, making learning more effective and engaging. Subscribers can better understand complex topics when they are supported by visual representations and explanations.
  • Time savingWith a compact 15 - 30 minute video every week, subscribers receive an efficient summary of the most important events and developments without having to do hours of research themselves. This saves valuable time and still provides comprehensive information. It also places Sanjay Sauldie in the overall context and assesses the relevant developments in relation to the economy and society.
  • Easy access and flexibilityThis "video newsletter" can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Subscribers can watch the videos on their favourite devices, whether on their computer, tablet or smartphone, and pause and resume them as required.
  • Expert analyses and insightsSanjay Sauldie and his team can include expert interviews, analyses and commentary in the video newsletter, providing subscribers with deeper insights and professional knowledge. This can be particularly valuable in developing a better understanding of complex AI topics.

Simply join and benefit from the KI - EXCELLENCE CIRCLE
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