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I was born in India and came to Germany when I was 4 years old. My family was received with a lot of respect and decency in Germany, as my father was invited to Germany as a foreign correspondent for Deutsche Welle as an Africa expert.

I grew up and integrated here, studied mathematics and computer science at the University of Cologne, completed my Master of Sciences (M.Sc.) at the University of Salford (Manchester, UK) on the subject of digital disruption and digital transformation (2017) and was trained at EMERITUS (Singapore) in the MIT method of design thinking (2018).

I was honoured by the International Association of Webmasters in Los Angeles/USA with the Internet Oscar "Golden Web Award" and twice with the "Innovation Award of the Initiative Mittelstand".

WDR calls me "one of the most sought-after European experts on digitalisation in companies and society".

In my talks and seminars, I like to set off a firework of impulses from practice for practice. It is probably a humbling gift that I am able to make the complex world of digitalisation understandable for everyone in simple terms. I can captivate participants at events with my vivid language and encourage them to put the valuable tips into practice immediately - a real asset to any event!

For over 25 years, I have gained experience in more than 55 different industries and offer you and your team the ability to think outside the box. Your event will benefit from my best practices and your participants will be able to apply these insights directly. You and your guests benefit from my external expertise.

I developed the TRANSRUPTION® digitalisation toolbox as part of my studies at the MIT Management Sloan School and have already introduced it very successfully in many companies. In combination with the DIGiROI® digitalisation strategy, your company can optimally prepare for the changes brought about by digitalisation and develop and expand your leading position in your industry.

I have developed the iROI® internet marketing strategy to optimise your company's presence on the internet, enabling you to implement the right steps in the right order to noticeably increase sales on your website and shop.

As a former director (until 2022) and now as a freelance lecturer at the EIMIA® (European Internet Marketing Institute & Academy) and the EDBIA® (European Digital Business Institute & Academy), I have the scientific background through my own research with my students to optimally adapt my presentation to your audience and your industry - no two presentations are the same because they are tailored to your industry on a daily basis and garnished with best practices from your industry.

I now work with corporations as well as politicians, up-and-coming start-ups as well as universities and scientific institutes, small and medium-sized companies, associations, artists and the media.
It is my passion to inspire people - be it on stage or in a coaching session. It is my heart's desire that people can discover and develop their potential - regardless of location, gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, etc. - and I firmly believe that digitalisation will make this possible!

I was trained at these institutions and deepened my knowledge there.
At the IU, I am currently even a lecturer for the topic "Online Marketing".

24 key technologies - 1 contact person

I have already done all the work for you: I keep my knowledge up to date in 24 key technologies and pass it on to you distilled, individually adapted to your company and your industry. This saves you time, saves you money because you only have one contact person instead of 24, and you benefit from the reliability of my sources.

Transruption® is a Digital Toolbox that does not only focus on one key development, but combines the individual components of digitalisation in a new way.

Unique offer worldwide:

Test my know-how and practical experience now: Ask me your 3 most burning questions about your business and you will receive the individual answers completely free of charge!

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