Transruption is a digital toolbox that doesn't just focus on one key technology, but combines the individual components of digitalisation in a new way. In a Transruption coaching session, you will find out which technologies make sense for you and how you can overtake all your competitors by combining them and thus emerge as a winner from digitalisation.

Digital technologies have a significant impact on everyday life in business and society. Businesses cannot escape this change and are called upon to be attentive and to All the essential elements of digitalisation without getting bogged down!

If important aspects of digitalisation are not taken into account in a company's strategy, sudden and unexpected changes can occur, such as falling turnover or even the demise of a company. We have experienced this in the past with Kodak or Quelle, for example. Other examples are Nokia and Neckermann.

Such former giants of our economy have gone under almost overnight because they failed to recognise the signs of the times and did not attach the necessary importance to digital change. To prevent this from happening to you, we have developed TRANSRUPTION, which allows you to select the technologies you need to get ahead at an early stage.

With best regards,
Sanjay Sauldie, MSc.
Developer of the TRANSRUPTION digital toolbox

My technical event partner:

I work together with EDBIA in the area of online training on all aspects of digitalisation. EDBIA takes care of all the administration, bookings, accounting and processing to take the pressure off me.

This certification is carried out on behalf of EDBIA. If you have a voucher code, you can enter it during the order process at the checkout!

Your lecturer:

On behalf of EDBIA, I will guide you through the online workshop and summarise everything you need to know about the respective topic in approx. 60-90 minutes in order to make the right decisions for the future of your company.

Digital transformation and digital disruption are on everyone's lips.The result of my studies at the MIT Management Sloan School - the combination of both changes, led to the development of TRANSRUPTION®which combines all 24 digital trends and packs them into a coherent digitalisation strategy. You therefore receive the information directly from the developer of the strategy.

You will be given access to the learning platform to complete the online training, download an e-book on the topic and obtain certification (as well as lots of other exclusive information!)

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