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The iROI strategy and Google in a joint workshop at the Global DIY Summit. Which internet marketing expert has already held joint workshops with Google?

My mission

Do you want to launch a website, social media campaign or web shop and take off like a rocket? There are many providers who promise you the stars but then can't even deliver the clouds!

The sad result: many companies invest a lot of money and in the end the result is simply not satisfactoryWe are here for you so that this does not happen to you!

Instead of just blindly relying on the promises of providers, we make sure that no provider can fool you into believing an X for a U. By applying our 7 iROI steps, you can be 100% sure that no important point is forgotten or overlooked. Many companies before you are still grateful for our support today, because it has helped them reach their goals faster, more cost-effectively and more reliably.

Save money with us, because thanks to our many years of experience, we know the real value of the service providers' offers and can check for you whether the offers are realistic or not, and often even negotiate a better offer for you! Get the maximum return on investment from your project - iROI makes it uncomplicated and reliable. Simply contact us without obligation.

You will never be confronted with the usual technical gibberish of many agencies or trainers, but will receive all the information explained in understandable German.

With strategic greetings,

Sanjay Sauldie, MSc.
Developer of the iROi strategy

Why companies trust the iROI strategy - worldwide and in over 35 industries

Please get in touch now if you would like to implement this successful strategy in your company. I will help you to achieve the optimum for your company by guiding you through the process. My experience, my scientific background and my practice-orientated implementation will get you to your goal faster. I look forward to hearing from you.

Everything important for you and your team from one reliable source

Before you blindly give any agency the contract for your digital marketing, for example, it is vital to obtain neutral information about your options. Only then can you decide what makes sense for your industry and your company. Only then should you commission an agency, because then you will know what you need and, in particular, what you don't need and can perhaps even solve within your company. This will save you a lot of money instead of burning money with expensive experiments.

All key elements are summarised in 7 main steps, which in turn are divided into sub-steps. These 7 steps of the iROI strategy are finely tuned to each other and serve to point a company in the right direction.

All topics related to digital marketing - 1 contact person

I have already done all the work for you: I keep my knowledge up to date in digital marketing and pass it on to you distilled, customised to your company and your industry. This saves you time and money because you only have one contact person and benefit from the reliability of my sources.

iROI® is a digital toolbox that combines the individual components of digital marketing in a new way.

iROI®: Unique offer worldwide:

Test my know-how and practical experience now: Ask me your 3 most burning questions about your business and you will receive the individual answers completely free of charge!

These 7 steps of the iROI strategy are finely tuned to each other and serve to point a company in the right direction. All steps begin with the 3 letters KON, which is why they are often referred to as the 7 cons of the iROI strategy.

With these 7 cons, every company can create optimum organisation in the distribution of tasks within the team and achieve the desired results more quickly.

iROI step 1:

At the beginning, everyone in the company must develop a basic understanding of digitalisation, otherwise all subsequent projects will fail due to a lack of knowledge.

iROI step 2:

All projects must be based on key figures, otherwise projects are created that can neither be measured nor assessed. This wastes money and resources. Conversion with different funnels makes it possible.

iROI step 3:

The customer is placed at the centre - and the conversation begins with the customer - i.e. outside the corporate world. In times of digital disruption, this is a very important factor for survival.

iROI step 4:

With the knowledge gained from internal sources and customer requirements, new models, procedures, products, processes and services are looked at with confidence and then integrated into the corporate culture.

iROI step 5:

To be truly successful, it will be very important for companies to involve all generations in the digital transformation. The experience of the older generation and the carefree attitude of the younger generation together make a very powerful team.

iROI step 6:

In order to adapt to new markets, contrarian ideas and projects must also be initiated, as these protect the company from operational blindness. The previous steps have prepared the ground for challenging traditional ways of thinking.

iROI step 7:

The integration of online and offline is what really makes a company a digital breakthrough. In this phase, all digital elements are connected with the analogue world, enabling a holistic experience for customers.

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