Thank you Germany: Part 074: Diverse educational pathways open up different career paths

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In contrast to other countries, there is no single educational pathway in Germany. Even those who do not attend a grammar school can either gain a foothold in a certain professional field via many different routes or subsequently acquire their higher education entrance qualification and even go on to study. The evening grammar school is just one of these options. Many vocational schools also offer a subject-specific or general university entrance qualification. Today, these many different options ensure that even people whose parents have not completed their A-levels and have not studied are able to attend university.

The composition of students at German universities today is far more diverse than it was just 50 years ago. This has brought very different perspectives and interests to the universities. This diversity has enriched the universities considerably. At the same time, individuals today have more options. They do not have to choose the direct route to university via the Abitur. Many people who have completed an apprenticeship can also go on to complete a degree and thus gain additional qualifications in their professional field or even embark on a completely new career path. This means that no one is tied to a single profession from the beginning to the end of their professional career. This openness makes it easier for people to reorient themselves in the course of their lives. This allows them to pursue different activities. Some people only discover a special interest in the second half of their lives and turn this interest into a project, which then develops into a business. The diverse educational programmes in Germany support such projects. This also encourages a special entrepreneurial spirit.

It is no wonder that many successful people in the start-up scene have a different or particularly interesting CV. In the course of their lives, they have discovered a particular subject for themselves and made it their own project. It is the education system's ability to offer them the opportunity for flexible further qualification that makes such careers possible in the first place. There have been major changes in this area in Germany in recent decades. It was not always possible to be as flexible as it is today. In the past, people were set on a specific career path and educational biography very early on. Even 50 years ago, anyone who did not complete their A-levels at grammar school was generally denied access to higher education. Today, many institutions encourage people to acquire new qualifications in a special way.

The dual study programme has also created completely new opportunities here. It gives people without a general higher education entrance qualification access to an academic degree programme. This degree programme is combined with an apprenticeship. During this training, people already receive a training allowance. This offers a good opportunity to study, particularly for people with a clear perspective or students who are dependent on money. The dual study programme combines the advantages of training with a degree course.

Even if it is not at the academic level of a university, graduates still receive a university degree. These and other opportunities in Germany open up many paths to a targeted qualification. This can be the prerequisite for setting up a business.

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