Thank you Germany: Part 064: A very special spirit blows through Frankfurt

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There are some cities in Germany that you can be particularly proud of. Frankfurt is undoubtedly one of these cities. Even the poet prince Goethe travelled here. But the city is also home to museums, theatres and cultural institutions. Finally, the city is home to the European Central Bank and also offers many other banks and stock exchange companies a place to do business.

Money and spirit come together in Frankfurt. They have always formed a unique bond in the city. Many patrons have donated money for artistic and cultural production. The creation of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research was also a project that emerged from such co-operation. To this day, the city enjoys a special reputation in sociology worldwide because of this institute. It is associated with the important names of the so-called Frankfurt School.

Philosophers such as Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer are also admired in America, the name Walter Benjamin is also recognised by art historians and literary scholars and great things are associated with him. To this day, Frankfurt is characterised by the special atmosphere of combining the dawn of a new era with a tangible sociological critique of society. The city offers people and companies from all over the world a very special place to gain a foothold in Germany. Every third citizen in Frankfurt does not have a German passport. There is a deliberate globalisation here. This is also a special prerequisite for economic productivity.

But Frankfurt also continues to offer exciting cultural productions to this day. Hardly any other city in Germany has as many theatre productions as Frankfurt. Even in other European countries, few cities can compete with this particular wealth of culture. It is a particularly interesting location: on the one hand, so many different cultures come together in this place. On the other hand, German cultural production is constantly revitalising itself here with new works of art. Perhaps it is the stimulating contact and dialogue with people from all over the world that ensures that there are so many new ideas and projects here. But the favourable financial conditions may also be responsible for this.

The many banks and rich companies do not live parallel to the city. They consciously relate to it. This means that many research projects, cultural institutions and museums receive very targeted support from them. The city's educational work also benefits greatly from these location conditions. The institutions are aware of this, which is why some of them have specifically chosen Frankfurt as the starting point for their work. It's no wonder that the creative scene is constantly founding new start-ups and projects here.

The metropolis also offers exactly the right conditions for this. If you love culture, but are also looking for a good location to set up a small business, Frankfurt is undoubtedly a good choice. But the intercultural charm of the city and the open political nature of the people of Frankfurt are also among the special advantages of this city. You simply have to love Germany for beautiful Frankfurt. In beautiful Frankfurt, you can enjoy Germany from its cosmopolitan side.

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